07.09.2017 - Kamu Düzeni
Pearl & Others v The KRG of Iraq: The DIFC Courts’ Tough Stance on State Immunity and Other Lessons

A recent ruling of the DIFC Court of First Instance (see Claim No. ARB 003/2017 – Pearl Petroleum Company Limited & Others v. The Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq  deals with the question as to whether a State immunity defence may be available to a State entity or a governmental defendant in response to a DIFC ex parte order for recognition and enforcement of a foreign arbitral award. It also...

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Etiketler: Hakem Atama Kamu Düzeni Irak DIFC IKBY Dubai LCIA İSTA Haftalık 15 Eylül 2017

17.07.2017 - Müteahhitlik
Malaysian company faces more trouble in the Gulf

After being involved in various disputes over the construction of a race track in Dubai, Malaysian building company WCT Holdings is facing an ICC claim brought by three Gulf subcontractors which helped to build new headquarters for Qatar’s interior ministry in Doha.Kaynak: GAR (Ücretli Abonelik)

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Etiketler: Dubai Malezya Katar ICC Müteahhitlik Sektörü

12.07.2017 - Ülkelerin Tahkim Yaklaşımları
UAE Federal Arbitration Law v UAE Arbitration Chapter: old wine in a new bottle? (Part 1)

After a long period of gestation, the UAE Federal Arbitration Law is now likely to become a reality: its enactment is scheduled for later this year, having recently been approved by the UAE National Assembly and the Cabinet of Ministers and now awaiting signature by the President of the UAE, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Before adoption in its present form, the UAE Federal Arbitra...

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Etiketler: BAE Dubai Abu Dabi DIFC ADGM Ülkelerin Tahkime Yaklaşımları

12.06.2017 - Tanıma ve Tenfiz
Dubai courts v DIFC courts: just a jurisdictional stand-off or an outright declaration of war?

In light of the most recent case law precedent, the development of the relationship between the onshore Dubai and the offshore Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) courts has taken a very unfortunate turn. Since 2004, the DIFC courts have been evolving into a common law forum of choice as an alternative to the onshore civil law Dubai courts. Part of this evolution meant that the DIFC courts...

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Etiketler: Dubai BAE DIFC Tanıma ve Tenfiz

11.06.2017 - Yeni Tahkim Düzenlemeleri
The Dubai-DIFC Judicial Committee and DIFC Conduit Jurisdiction

In a recent ruling, the Dubai Court of First Instance annulled the DIFC Courts’ rulings in the Banyan Tree line of cases. It was these cases that originally established the status of the DIFC Courts as a conduit jurisdiction for onshore domestic awards for onward execution outside the DIFC. The nullification of these awards at first instance essentially calls into question the DIFC’s acquired cond...

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Etiketler: Dubai DIAC DIFC Yüksek Mahkeme Kararları

24.05.2017 - Yabancı Yüksek Mahkeme Kararları
Dubai onshore and offshore courts confirm application of apparent authority to arbitration under UAE law

In a sequence of recent rulings starting in 2015, the Dubai courts have confirmed that the doctrine of apparent authority does, after all, apply to the formation of arbitration agreements. The former prevailing position was that apparent authority did not have a place in arbitration, which requires a special (rather than just a general) power of attorney for an attorney’s agreement to arbitrate to...

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Etiketler: Dubai Yüksek Mahkeme Kararları

08.05.2017 - Tahkim Etkinlikleri
YMG International Arbitration Conference, Dubai

The first of CIArb's three Young Members Group (YMG) international arbitration conferences exploring Young Perspectives on Civil and Common Law in International Arbitration took place on 7 March 2017 at the One&Only Royal Mirage in Dubai. Over 80 young members converged from all corners of the world to attend the conference and discuss the topic. Kaynak: CIAarb

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Etiketler: Dubai Tahkim Etkinlikleri Genç Tahkimciler

05.05.2017 - Tahkimden Feragat
Arbitration: The Right to Waive

Legal Principle: The waiver of a right to refer a dispute to arbitration could be express or implied. However such a waiver has to be clear and unambiguous so as to avoid doubts about the intent of the party to wave the right. Facts of the case: The claimant in this case was a Real Estate company in Dubai. The claimant filed a case in the court against the Respondent who is also a real estate comp...

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Etiketler: Dubai Tahkimden Feragat

10.04.2017 - Tanıma ve Tenfiz
Is the Oasis now a Mirage? Dwindling scope of the DIFC Courts' 'conduit jurisdiction'

The DIFC Courts interact with the Dubai Courts on the basis of DIFC Law No. 12 of 2004, as amended, and the 2009 Protocol of Enforcement between DIFC Courts and Dubai Courts. The Law and the Protocol guarantee mutual recognition and enforcement of court decisions rendered in the two jurisdictions, including decisions ratifying arbitration awards. The DIFC Courts have over the years adopted an expa...

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Etiketler: Dubai Tanıma ve Tenfiz

29.03.2017 - Tanıma ve Tenfiz
The Dubai and DIFC Judicial Tribunal: the Emirate strikes back

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is unique in that two of its seven emirates operate parallel court systems. In Abu Dhabi and Dubai, local civil law courts sit alongside common law courts in the nascent Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) and the better-known Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC). Kaynak: Arbitration Blog

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Etiketler: Dubai Abu Dabi BAE DIFC ADGM Tanıma ve Tenfiz

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