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ISTA is a non-governmental organization serving as a specialized association that brings together Turkey’s arbitration practitioners. Legal practitioners, attorneys, academicians, legal advisors who add arbitration clauses to their contracts and industry specialists who work in arbitration are brought together under a common roof as ISTA members.

With its work on arbitration, which is an alternative dispute resolution mechanism, ISTA aims to explain the advantages of Istanbul as an “arbitration center”, to improve on these advantages and to help popularize arbitration throughout Turkey.

A significant number of arbitration experts in Turkey work out of Istanbul. Istanbul is not only a point of attraction both culturally and geographically; it also possesses all the technical, logistical and environmental facilities necessary for arbitration. In order to stimulate this great potential ISTA is pursuing various promotional and networking efforts such as collaborations, country guides, international arbitration activities with broad participation, an effective list of arbitration practitioners and a website.

ISTA has also assumed an important mission for fair, honest and speedy adjudication by leading the charge on establishing ethical codes and qualification criteria for arbitration law in Turkey.

ISTA also aims to support investment in Turkey by providing the opportunity for good dispute resolution. According to the calculations made by ISTA, the popularization of arbitration and bringing Istanbul to the fore as an arbitration center could bring back an approximately 1 billion US Dollar economy of law, which is currently being lost to Turkey.

Similar to comparable institutions throughout the world, ISTA, which does not qualify as an arbitration center and does not provide secretarial services for arbitration cases, makes important contributions to developing and promoting existing arbitration centers in Istanbul. As part of these efforts ISTA has signed a cooperation protocol with the Istanbul Arbitration Center (ISTAC), which is a strong international arbitration center that has been founded in Istanbul.

ISTA carries out its work through its commissions, namely the “Arbitrator and Training”, “Activities and Publications” and “Promotions and Collaborations” commissions. All members may participate in the activities of the commissions, which are coordinated by members of the Board of Directors. The High Advisory Council comprised of Turkey’s doyens of arbitration serves as ISTA’s advisory arm.

With its options for individual, corporate and international membership, ISTA provides important advantages to its members and offers its members the opportunity to join the ranks of those directing the rapid development of arbitration in Turkey. ISTA’s members are gain more visibility within the field of arbitration and are offered the opportunity to meet with leading arbitration experts under the same roof. ISTA also offers its members special services as well as priority in and discounts for participation in ISTA activities.

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