ISTA is organising an international conference on 16 November 2018 in Istanbul. This high-level international event will focus on the ISTA Code of Ethics, as well as recent developments and innovation in arbitration

Conference Program

09:00 Opening Speech

Year-on-year story behind foundation of Istanbul Arbitration Association: How an idea which unites the public sector, private sector and all related stakeholders for its foundation has turned into a non-governmental organization; Presentation about story of ISTA from the past to today and future plans and projections of the Association

09:00 Adv. Mehmet Gün, Istanbul Arbitration Association, Chairperson

09:15 Prof. Dr. Hakan Pekcanıtez, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Arbitration and Mediation Center (ITOTAM), President

09:30 Prof. Dr. Ziya Akıncı, Istanbul Arbitration Center (ISTAC), President

09:45 Orhan Turan, Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation (TURKONFED), President

10:15 Development of Arbitration Centers across the World and the Role of NGOs

How did the global efforts to establish an arbitration center end up? What was done by successful examples across the world? Role and importance of NGOs in establishment and development of arbitration centers, How did and does NGOs give support to the arbitration centers located across the world? Secrets underlying the success achieved by the collaborations of NGOs and arbitration centers.

Moderator Bennar Aydoğdu, BennArb, Attorney at Law, Arbitrator, Mediator

Presentation Elliott Geisinger, Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA), President

Presentation Dr. Patricia Shaughnessy, The Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC), Vice Chairperson

Presentation Mark Appel, ArbDB Chambers, Arbitrator


11:45 Keynote Speech: Ethics in International Commercial Arbitration

Catherine Rogers, who is internationally known for her studies about ethics in international commercial arbitration and who has published a great number of works on this matter will give the first keynote speech of the event on the occasion of launch of ISTA Ethics Rules and will answer questions.

Speaker Prof. Dr. Catherine A. Rogers, PennState Law/Queen Mary University

Presented by Prof. Dr. Ercüment Erdem, Erdem & Erdem, Kurucu ve Kıdemli Ortak

12:30 LUNCH


Istanbul: Center of Trade and Dispute Resolution in History

Why does arbitration come into prominence as a method for dispute resolution and why is Istanbul is an appropriate place for arbitration? How does its geopolitical/economic position bring Istanbul into the forefront? How does Istanbul form a bridge between two sides of the world? What kind of legacy was left by the established dispute resolution traditions to Istanbul? What is the importance of Istanbul for global capital markets? How does the historical and legal legacy of Istanbul, particularly Istanbul Financial Center, turn the city into a natural center for dispute resolution?

Speaker Prof. Dr. Fethi Gedikli, İstanbul University Faculty of Law

14:00 ISTA Ethics Rules

ISTA Ethics Rules for Arbitrators which is written by Asst. Prof. Süheyla Balkar Bozkurt in collaboration with ISTA members and which is the product of the first and most deep-scaled studies in the field of Arbitration Ethics in Turkey will be launched for the first time around the world. The referred Rules will be discussed with the guests and participants.

Moderator Av. Dr. Kerem Ertan, Tam & Ertan, Partner

Presentation Doç. Dr. Süheyla Balkar Bozkurt, Galatasaray University

Panelist Prof. Dr. Fazıl Kerim Atamer, Academician, Lawyer

Panelist Prof. Dr. Catherine A. Rogers, PennState Law/Queen Mary University


15:30 Latest Developments and Innovation in International Arbitration

Arbitration sector has undergone a major transformation. How will this transformation process affect the arbitration sector in practice? How will Smart Contracts, Blockchain, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence affect the arbitration process? What will we do when disputes become too sophisticated to be resolved before courts?

Moderator Kerem Turunç, Esq., TURUNÇ, Partner

Presentation Pelin Baysal, Gün + Partners, Partner

Presentation Brandon Malone, Scottish Arbitration Centre, Chairman of the Board

Presentation Marina Matousekova, CastaldiPartners, Partner

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