Developments such as the enactment Civil Procedure Code with an arbitration friendly approach in 2011, the publication of the Law on the Istanbul Arbitration Center in 2014, the establishment of the Istanbul Arbitration Center (ISTAC) and restructuring of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Center ITOTAM in that same year have placed arbitration in the forefront of alternative dispute resolution in Turkey. It was in this environment that the leading arbitration practitioners in Turkey began their efforts to establish a specialized association representing this area of legal expertise. This chronology lists the stages that have been achieved to date since the Istanbul International Arbitration Center Conference, when the idea of ISTA was born.

November 2012-Istanbul International Arbitration Center Conference

The work carried out under the framework of the Istanbul International Arbitration Center Conference organized in Ankara in 2012 served as an important starting point for brining together arbitration practitioners for a common purpose. This conference, which was hosted on 30 November 2012 by the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges in Turkey (TOBB) and collectively supported by arbitration practitioners throughout Turkey, also represented an important stage for the work on the establishment of an arbitration center in Istanbul.

June 2015 Introduction and Planning Conference Prior to the Founding of the Istanbul Arbitration Association

An Introduction and Planning Conference was organized on June 24 2015 as part of the ISTA foundation efforts. Ideas were exchanged on the bylaws, budget and organs of the Association during this conference, which was attended by key players in arbitration in Turkey.

September 2015 Conference on Exchange of Opinions regarding the Draft Rules for the Istanbul Arbitration Center

A conference was organized on 4 September 2015 to form and consolidate the opinions of ISTA members on the rules for the Istanbul Arbitration Center, which was being founded at around the same time as ISTA.

October 2015 Sharing the Opinion on the Draft Rules for the Istanbul Arbitration Center

In light of the conference on exchange of opinions and the opinions that had been collected, the opinion on the draft Rules for the Istanbul Arbitration Center was shared with ISTAC.

November 2015 Official Founding of the Association

Our efforts to spread arbitration throughout Turkey and create value for our country which began in 2012 reached an important stage with the founding of the Istanbul Arbitration Association in 2015. Attorneys who work in arbitration, arbitrators, academicians and industry specialists with arbitration experience became founding members of our association. Those who could be classified as doyens of arbitration in Turkey have also joined us as honorary members. The Istanbul Arbitration Association was founded by 54 founding and 13 honorary members with the strength of law practitioners and industry specialists on 27 November 2015.

May 2016 ISTA Ordinary General Assembly

Following its foundation, the board of directors and board of auditors for the association were elected during the first general assembly meeting held on 16 May 2016. In the General Assembly, attorney Mehmet Gün was elected as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ISTA.

May 2016 Commencement of Meetings of the Elected ISTA Board

Following its first general assembly, ISTA was able to carry out all of its efforts through an active board of directors and elected boards. All elected members were invited to meetings of the board of directors and such meetings were held with a high rate of participation.

June 2016 Establishment of a Professional General Secretariat

Emre Tamer was appointed as the ISTA General Secretary on 1 June 2016.

July 2016 ISTA Commissions Become Operational

The “Arbitrator and Training”, “Activities and Publications” and “Promotions and Collaborations” commissions were formed to work under the coordination of the members of the Board of Directors.

September 2016 ISTA Blog is Launched

The ISTA Blog was launched in September and is used to share recent developments in arbitration as well as the association’s efforts with the public.

October 2016 Publication of the ISTA Corporate Identity Guide

After its founding, ISTA exerted significant effort to pinpoint its corporate identity. The ISTA logo created after working with designer Ercan Armutçu is inspired by the speed of arbitration, the enforceability of arbitral awards and Istanbul.

November 2016 General Assembly on ISTA Bylaws

The 7 November 2016 General Assembly called to enact a number of amendments required in the ISTA Bylaws also provided an opportunity for members to come together and exchange ideas on the association.

February 2017 Comparative Study on the Codes of Conduct and Qualification Criteria

As part of its work, the ISTA Arbitrator and Training Commission examined the ethical codes and qualification criteria of world renowned international arbitration centers and associations. This work helped develop a valuable source that will serve as the basis for the Codes of Conduct and Qualification Criteria currently being prepared.

March 2017 Opening the Draft Codes of Conduct Arbitrators are Required to Comply with and the Qualification Criteria for Discussion

ISTA shared its Draft Codes of Conduct Arbitrators are Required to Comply with and the Qualification Criteria with a wide array of legal practitioners specializing in arbitration. Valuable feedback was gathered throughout the discussion process.

April 2017 ISTA Bulletins are Launched

The ISTA e-bulletin and the ISTA Weekly current affairs bulletins were launched. These bulletins now make it possible to share developments in arbitration with members in a more detailed and in depth manner.

May 2017 SEDEFED membership and Inclusion Under the TURKONFED Umbrella

In 2017, ISTA became a member of the Federation of Industrial Associations (SEDEFED), which falls under the umbrella of the Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation (TURKONFED). This has enabled ISTA the access and opportunity to speak of arbitration to a network comprised of regional industrialists and business associations, industry specific associations and specialized institutions in the form of 25 federations, 190 associations, 24,100 business persons and close to 40,000 companies

ISTA Website was Launched on 15 November 2017

The ISTA website was launched after having been designed so as to serve as an arbitration information network and list of arbitration practitioners.

December 2017 Publication of the İSTA Codes of Conduct Arbitrators are Required to Comply With

The ISTA Codes of Conduct Arbitrators are Required to Comply with was published on 1 December 2017 under the coordination of the ISTA Arbitrator and Training Commission and the academic contributions of Doç.Dr. Süheyla Balkar Bozkurt from Galatasaray University.

December 2017 ISTA Introduction Meeting

The ISTA Introduction Meeting was held in Istanbul at the Ciragan Palace on 1 December 2017. The meeting, which was heavily attended by ISTA members, arbitration practitioners and legal consultants, was also covered widely in both the printed and visual media.

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